For cameras connected to a NVR, you can set up recording schedule for each one of them on the NVR monitor screen. 

Applies to: RLN8-410, RLN16-410, and RLN36.

Please note that this operation could only be done on NVRs with the hardware version N2MB02, N3MB01, N7MB01, H3MB18, N6MB01, and N5MB01.

Before setting up the recording schedule for cameras connected to the NVR, you can go to the Camera > Detection page to configure the detection alarm settings such as detection zone and detection sensitivity according to your needs.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Surveillance > Record. Turn on the NVR recording switch. If not, the NVR will not record any videos for any camera.



Step 2. Click Record > Daily Schedule. Now you can click the drag-down arrow to select the camera for which you want to set up a recording schedule. We take RLC-823A as an example.

Part 1. Set up a motion alarm recording schedule.

Motion recording means the camera will record when it detects motion events. If your camera supports smart detection, you could choose to record certain types of alarm events instead of recording all motion-triggered events.

Step 3. Turn on the switch under the camera name so that the recording schedule will take effect.

Step 4. Select Alarm and then tick the corresponding alarm types so that your camera will record video triggered by such alarm types/any motion. 

Step 5. Click on the grid (one stands for an hour) to enable/disable alarm recording at that hour. Blue means recording enabled and grey means disabled.



  • For cameras with smart detection, there are four detection types: any motion, person, vehicle, and pet). Tick to choose which types of recording you want the camera to record. If you choose Any Motion only, then it will only detect normal motions and you can't see Person, Vehicle, or Pet recording while playback.
  • Please note that the detection types vary from different models of your camera, and some cameras (8MP and 12MP) support setting the recording for your pet. No detection type can be chosen for camera models that do not support smart detection. The camera record all motion-triggered alarm events.

Part 2. Set up a continuous recording schedule.

Step 6. Select Timer if you want the camera to record continuously.

Step 7. Click on the grid (one stands for an hour) to enable/disable non-stop recording at that hour. Blue means recording enabled and grey means disabled.


If you want to copy the recording schedule to other cameras connected to the NVR, click Applies to Other Camera(s) at the bottom left corner.

Also, here is a video to show how to set up motion detection recording: