Reolink cameras could be set to switch between the color image mode and the black-and-white mode automatically based on the ambient lighting condition. The switching threshold could also be adjusted according to your needs.

Applies to: Reolink NVRs with the hardware version of N2MB02, N3MB01, N7MB01, H3MB18, N6MB01, and N5MB01.

Note: All Reolink cameras support the black&white and color switching threshold except the battery-powered cameras, add-on cameras in the NVR kits, cameras with hardware version IPC_513/515/517 and Reolink Lumus.

Below are guides on how to adjust the color/black-and-white switching threshold for your camera on the NVR monitor. 

Step 1. Log in to your NVR. Click the Settings gear icon.


Step 2. Go to the Camera page. Choose the channel of the camera you want to configure (for example, Duo 2 WiFi in the picture below).  Click the blue Image Settings under the Display settings. 


Step 3. Click Day/Night Switchover Threshold on this page. Then you can adjust the value by dragging the slider.



  • Make sure you have selected auto mode for Day/Night.
  • The closer the slider is to the bright end, the easier the camera will switch to the color image mode; The closer the slider is to the dark end, the easier the camera will switch to the black-and-white mode.
  •  If you don't have special needs, it is recommended that you keep this value by default. Or tap Restore Defaults to go back to the default status.

Here is a video for your reference: