This article will give you a detailed introduction to the Reolink View Service in all aspects. Please scroll down the screen and you will get the information you want.

Applies to: Reolink TrackMix LTE Plus, Reolink TrackMix Wired LTE.

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What is Reolink View Service?

To achieve the full function of 4G security cameras, especially for live viewing and playing back the cameras' videos, two kinds of data are needed:

  • The data is offered by the SIM card with a data plan, which is necessary for your device to access the Internet. If your device cannot access the Internet, you won't be able to remotely access your device (for example, receiving alerts, setting detection modes, live viewing, etc. via a mobile phone App or PC Client). Note that this kind of data is offered by the carrier of your SIM card.
  • The data offered by Reolink View Service is necessary for your device's viewing functions like "live viewing" and "playback" (including viewing time-lapse files). If the Reolink accounts your device is bound to doesn't have such data available, you cannot use Reolink View Service for this device (i.e. you cannot live view your camera, playback cloud videos, etc.) even though your device can access the Internet. Note that this kind of data is offered by Reolink.

How to Purchase Reolink View Service?

For applicable devices, you will get free 3GB/month for each device (The free data per month may vary for different camera models. Please take the information on the product page you purchased for reference). If you need more data for Reolink View Service, you can buy it:

  • Go to, roll down the screen, then you will find Reolink View Service at the bottom of the page. Please click on Buy Now to choose the View Service Plan and check out.




  • or on Reolink App. The picture below shows you the entry screen to buy it.


How to Use Reolink View Service?

Below are the three major steps you need to follow so that you could use Reolink View Service:

Step 1. Add the applicable devices to Reolink App.

Step 2. Click Enable for specific devices. (This setting is for prepaid general data only. Free data cannot be turned off.)


Note: For free data, if you want to check the data usage details, then you need to manually bind the camera to your Reolink account: How to Connect Reolink Devices to Your Reolink Account


How is the Data Consumed?

This section explains how the data of the Reolink View Service is constituted and consumed, with an example and a table.

Free data: Each device has 3GB of free data per month for Reolink View Service. (Note: The monthly free data for each model may be different, please refer to the information on the product page you purchased).

Prepaid data: The data you add to your account by buying view plans. All the applicable devices bound to the same account will share the prepaid data of that account.

The device will first consume its own free data. When the free data is used up, the device will resort to prepaid data from the admin account. (The prepaid data of an account can be consumed simultaneously by all the applicable devices bound to it.)

For example, an account has applicable devices A and B bound to it, and has purchased a 10GB prepaid view plan, then:

  • There is 16GB of data in total. Devices A and B each have 3GB per month (regardless of which account they are bound to). The account has 10GB of Reolink View Service data available (The valid time period can be longer than one month) for all the applicable devices bound to it.
  • In the current month, Device A and Device B will first consume their own free data. When any one of them uses up the 3GB free data, it begins to consume the prepaid 10GB data in the account if the device's Reolink View Service is turned on.
  • The two devices will consume the prepaid data of the account simultaneously when both of them use up their free data.
  • When the prepaid 10GB data is used up before the next month, not a single device has available Reolink View Service Data or can allow its user to live view or playback videos unless the account buys new view plans.

You can refer to the below table for estimated data usage:

Estimated Data Usage of One Device

  Mainstream (AVG/DAY) Substream (AVG/DAY)
1GB/month 3.33 min/day 15 min/day
3GB/month 10 min/day 45 min/day
5GB/month 16.67 min/day 75 min/day
10GB/month 33.33 min/day 150 min/day
50GB/month 166.67 min/day 750 min/day
100GB/month 333.33 min/day

1500 min/day 

  1. Mainstream: When you live view or playback videos in Clear Mode.
  2. Substream: When you live view or playback videos in Fluent Mode.
  3. For example, 3GB/month (3GB data per month) allows you to live view or playback your camera's video for about 10 minutes per day. If you have to view 10+ minutes per day, you may want to choose a view plan with 3GB+ data.

What If I Used Up the Data in My Reolink View Plan(s)?

You cannot enjoy the viewing functions like “live view" and "playback" of the devices that this Service applies to.