If you don't want to receive push notifications from a specific camera connected to the NVR, you can disable it for that camera via Reolink Client.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except for battery-powered cameras.

Below are instructions that show how to disable push notifications of a camera (TrackMix PoE as an example) connected to the NVR. Before setting up, please install Reolink Client on your PC.

Step 1. Launch Reolink Client and log in to your NVR. Click the Device Settings gear icon.


Step 2. Go to Surveillance > Push. Make sure the button Push Notifications is turned blue, otherwise you won't receive any push notifications from your NVR. Click the drag-down arrow under Schedule to choose the camera you want to turn off push notifications for.  


Step 3. Click the button Schedule (in blue) to turn it off. When it turns grey, you won't receive any push notifications of this camera from NVR anymore. 3._turn_off_schedule.png