A few questions about Reolink Duo frequently asked by Reolink users are listed here. Click them to get the answer you need. 

  • Why can't I connect it to 3rd party software?

    The RTSP and other ports may be disabled by default. You can launch Reolink Client, then go to Device Settings >> Network >> Advanced >> Port Settings to make sure all ports are enabled before using 3rd party software.

  • Can I turn off the spotlights?

    Yes, you can turn off the spotlights manually via Reolink App & Client.

  • What are the advantages of the dual-lens camera?

    This dual-lens camera is equipped with two lenses that capture views in 4K UHD from a 180° ultra-wide angle. You don’t need two or more single-lens cameras to monitor a large area. Instead, with only one dual-lens camera you can save installation time and enjoy much broader images with lower distortion. Images from the dual-lens are seamlessly merged into one frame both in live view and playback.

  • Does my camera support person/vehicle/pet detection?

    Yes, this camera supports person/vehicle detection and pet detection (beta). Currently, pet detection is used to detect cats and dogs and is in beta testing.

  • Does the camera support two-way audio?

    Yes, the camera supports two-way audio via its built-in mic and speaker. You can not only capture videos with audio recorded but also have real-time communication with people on the camera's end through Reolink App or Client.

  • Is a micro SD card necessary for the camera to record?

    No, it's optional. You can also build an FTP server to upload the recorded video. Or you can connect the camera to an NVR to record video.

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