Here are some troubleshooting tips for Reolink Duo Floodlight PoE. You may check whether your camera's issue is listed below. If not, you may go to the Troubleshooting section to find suggestions for more issues or you may contact Reolink support for help.

  • What should I do if there is a color difference between the two lenses of Reolink Duo Floodlight WiFi?

    If you find there is a color difference between the two lenses of Duo Floodlight WiFi, please follow this guide to troubleshoot the issue.
    Cause 1. Environmental factor
    Solution: Go to Settings-Display-Brightness to adjust the brightness setting to make it work better.
    Cause 2. Hardware defect
    Solution: Hard reset the camera
    For more information, please check What should I do if there is a color difference between the two lenses of Duo PoE?

  • The customized alarm sound is too small on the camera

    If you find the customized siren for the camera is too low, here are some possible causes: 
    Cause 1. Sound Input Being Small for Phone
    Solution: You may turn up your volume when customizing the siren. If it still sounds small, please check if the phone's function of receiving sound is OK by listening to recordings of your phone.
    Cause 2. Camera Being in a Noisy Environment
    Solution: You may try to listen to the siren sound somewhere quieter.
    Cause 3. The Speaker Sound of the Camera Being Too Small
    Solution: Set the default siren sound for the camera and then trigger the alarm of the camera to check if the speaker sound is too small.
    For more details, please refer to Customer Alarm Sound is Too Small on the Camera.

  • Low sound on the phone/computer when using two-way audio.

    If the sound coming from the phone is too low when you are using two-way audio, please troubleshoot from the below 2 points:
    Cause 1. The Volume of the Phone/Computer is Set to Low
    Solution 1:Turn up the sound on your phone/computer.
    Solution 2:Plug the earphone into the phone/computer. (You may turn on the earphone mode in the sound settings of your computer).
    Cause 2. Improper Settings on the Phone/Computer
    Solution: Try to change to another phone/ computer for a test.
    Please contact Support if the problem remains unsolved.

  • No sound on the Reolink Client side when using two-way audio.

    When using 2-way audio, if you can only hear the sound from the camera side, but there is no sound coming from the pc sound, please check the following causes.
    Cause 1. Have not Enabled the Record Audio
    Solution1: go to Device Settings -> Audio and Light page to turn on the Record Audio option.
    Cause 2. The Volume of the Client is not Turned up
    Solution 2: Turn up the volume at the bottom of the Live View page
    Cause 3. The Volume of the Computer is not Turned up
    Solution 3: Make sure the volume of the computer is turned up.
    For more information, please check No Sound on the Reolink Client Side When Using Two-Way Audio.

  • Night vision is not working

    If you can't see anything and there is a dark image, please follow these tips to solve it.
    Please check these settings are correct first:
    "Day and Night" is auto
    "Black and White" is auto
    If you choose "Auto" under "Night Mode", the spotlights will only turn on when there is an alarm event. When the additional light source in the environment is not bright enough. It will show a black image.
    If you set "Always on", but the spotlights don't light up at night, please manually turn on the spotlights for a test.
    If you tried the above and the problem is still there, please contact the Reolink Support team for a warranty.