RLN36 could hold 3 internal HDDs (up to 16 TB/piece) to provide fairly large storage space. If you want to install HDDs for your RLN36, check out the following steps.

Step 1. Remove the screws of the NVR with a screwdriver and open the outer case.install_hdd-1.png


Step 2. Find the sets of wires to install the hard drives.


Note: The 2 side fans have been removed from the latest RLN36 to reduce noise. There is only 1 cooling fan on the motherboard. But the HDD installation guides below are still helpful.

Step 3. Flip the NVR over, locate the screw holes and screw the HDD to the back of the NVR.



Step 4. Install other HDDs in a similar way.


Step 5. Put the screws back on the NVR and tighten them.


Note: The order of the three HDDs is shown in the picture below. The NVR also record in this order.