Rich notifications are notifications that come with on-scene snapshots, which allows you to better know what is going on. Keep on reading to know more about rich notification and how to enable or disable this feature. 

This article includes 3 parts as listed below:

What is Rich Notification

Rich notifications allow you to know what happened at a glimpse by getting push notifications with snapshots, instead of mere words. Be smartly alerted and take quicker responses with Reolink cameras.


1. Before using rich notification, visit Reolink Cloud website to check the applicable camera models and cloud plans. Only a few camera models can support rich notification when they are bound to a suitable cloud plan.

2. Please update the Reolink App to version 4.35 (for Android), or version 4.34 (for iOS) before using this function.

How to Enable Rich Notification 

Step 1. Visit Reolink Cloud website and subscribe to a cloud plan that can support rich notification.

  • Before subscription, double-check if your camera model can support rich notification and if the model is applicable to cloud plan that you are subscribing to.
  • Please note that the basic plan doesn't support the rich notification function.

Step 2. Go to the Cloud Plan page to check whether the plan was subscribed successfully, and bind the camera you need to enable rich notification to the plan.


Step 3. Enable push notifications for your camera via the Reolink App: How to Enable Push Notifications on iOS and Android Phones


Note: For Reolink Video Doorbell cameras, you need to subscribe to cloud plans under Upgraded Plan Series if you need rich notifications.


How to Turn off Rich Notification

If you want to disable the rich push notification, please log in to your camera on the Reolink App, go to Device Settings > Push Notifications, and Disable the Rich Notification. Then it will send normal push notifications without the picture.