Here are some troubleshooting tips for D400/B400. You may check whether your camera's issue is listed below. If not, you may go to the Troubleshooting section to find suggestions for more issues or you may contact Reolink support for help.

  • Why there are false alarms?

    Cause: It is normal. The camera will be triggered by the movements including sunlight, insects, and plants. 
    Solution 1.
    Please reduce the sensitivity of the camera. 
    Solution 2. Please paint the areas that are full of plants as non-detection areas.
    For more details, please refer to Motion Detection Sensor Misses Some Motions

  • Why my camera does not support smart person and vehicle detection?

    Whether the camera supports smart person & vehicle detection depends on the hardware of the camera
    If it is IPC_566B104MP, it supports smart person & vehicle detection. 
    If it is not IPC_566B104MP (such as IPC_51516M), it does not support smart person & vehicle detection. 
    Please refer to the following articles to find the hardware version. 
    How to Find out System Information via Reolink PoE NVR
    How to Find out System Information via Reolink PoE NVR ( New UI)
  • Why does the camera say "incorrect password" on the monitor?

    Cause 1. The camera is not connected to the NVR directly
    Solution: Please connect the camera to the NVR directly with a network cable. Or access the camera via the client first to set a password for it. 
    Cause 2: The connection is not good. 
    Solution: Please reset the camera first. Then delete it from the NVR and add it again.