The Spotlight brings you bright pictures with vivid details in color at night, firmly safeguarding your family and property after sunset.

Among WiFi cameras, the following models are characterized by the spotlight:

Reolink Lumus, E1 Outdoor, E1 Outdoor Pro, RLC-523WA, RLC-511WA, Duo WiFi, Duo 2 WiFi, Duo Floodlight WiFi, TrackMix WiFi.

Among PoE cameras, the following models support the spotlight:

B1200, D1200, RLC-823A, RLC-811A, RLC-812A, RLC-1212A, RLC-1224A, RLC-824A, RLC-830A, RLC-833A, RLC-81MA, RLC-81PA, CX410, Duo PoE, Duo 2 PoE, Duo Floodlight PoE, TrackMix PoE, TrackMix Wired LTE, E1 Outdoor PoE.

Among battery-powered cameras, the following models support the spotlight:

Reolink TrackMix (battery), Reolink TrackMix LTE, Reolink TrackMix LTE Plus, Reolink Duo (battery), Reolink Duo 4G, Reolink Duo 2 (battery), Reolink Duo 2 LTE, Argus 3, Argus 3 Pro, Argus 3 Ultra, Argus PT(5MP), Argus PT Ultra, Go PT Ultra, Argus Eco Pro, Argus Eco Ultra.