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  • Does the NVR support the Person/Vehicle detection of my Reolink cameras?

    If you want to buy a new one: Yes, the currently on-sale NVRs support the cameras' smart person/vehicle detection.
    If you already have one: RLN8-410 with the newest hardware versions (H3MB18/N2MB02/N3MB01) support the cameras' smart person/vehicle detection. You may want to check the Hardware Version of Reolink NVRs for detailed information.

  • How to expand the NVR storage capacity?

    You can change the pre-installed 2TB HDD to a larger one and/or add an external HDD for the NVR.
    The currently on-sale RLN8-410 supports Max. 12TB in total: Max. 6TB via SATA, Max. 6TB via eSATA. For more information, you could refer to How to Expand the Capacity of Reolink NVRs and How Many HDDs Can I Connect with Reolink NVR System.

  • Can I connect WiFi cameras to the NVR when it is already connected to 8 PoE cameras?

    No, RLN8-410 supports Max. 8 cameras (no matter WiFi or PoE). You cannot add any more cameras if it is already occupied by 8 ones.
    The video channels of an NVR limit the number of cameras it supports. RLN8-410 has 8 channels and hence supports 8 cameras (excluding dual-lens cameras).
    Please note that a Reolink duo-lens camera occupies two video channels.

  • Can I add a PoE switch?

    Yes, there are 3 methods.
    Method 1: Plug the PoE NVR and the PoE switch to the same router via Ethernet cable. Then plug the PoE cameras into the PoE switch or PoE NVR.
    Method 2: Plug the PoE switch into the PoE NVR, and then connect the NVR LAN port to the router.
    Method 3: Plug the PoE switch into your router, then connect the NVR LAN port to your PoE switch.
    For details, please refer to How to Connect PoE Switch Router and PoE NVR
    Note: By adding PoE switches, you will not expand the number of cameras supported by the NVR, since its video channels are immutable.

  • Can I connect the NVR to the router wirelessly? 

    No, the NVR has to connect to the router via an ethernet cable.

  • Can I connect third-party cameras to the Reolink NVR?

    It's not suggested to do so. Compatibility issues can occur with third-party cameras. Please contact Reolink Support team if you have any concerns about protocols. 

For more FAQs about the NVR, please check FAQs for RLN8-410.